Ecotourism involves visiting natural areas with the objectives of learning, studying or participating in activities that do not bring negative effects to the environment; whilst protecting and empowering the local community socially and economically." (Cristina, 2004)

A Inspiring and Beautiful Project: 

After 250 years in our family, Fornalha (tradicional mediterranean multi-orchard family farm) was bankrupting. Leave it? Sell it? NO. These are our roots and so valuable: high quality raw materials, wonderfull nature and weather, motivated and dreamy team... this a EDEN! So we just needed a different paradigma, a sustainable one, to save the past knowledge, build our own present and provide a healthy farm for the next generation.

We decided to implement a holistic and multi-business model (instead of a specialized one), using each resource for the best suitable purpose (raw materials, buildings, ourselfs, weather), and finding a compromise between economical needs, high quality standards, environmental values and our own personal satisfaction and hapiness.
aturaly three areas come up: 

Organic online shop of Quinta da Fornalha - dried figs, olive oil, gourmet fleur de sel, fig truffles   Exporting organic products to whole Europe   Amazing sunset in Algarve from Quinta da Fornalha pool



Local varieties adapted to water scarcity, a Natural Orchard style Managment, makes our Figs, Almonds, Carobs, Quince, Pomegranade, Lemon, Orange, Olive, Apricot taste incredible good.
And also, ecological sea salt from our own milenar atlantic ocean saltpond.  

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With love and creativity we transform simple dry figs into amazing taste experiences: Fig Truffles, simple dry fruits into superhealthy spreads: Carob butter, and many more surprizes.

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Our work will inspire you...
Stay in our self-catering homes, enjoy active farm life, organic food, freedom... Let your children run free, chaise chickens, climb trees and harvest vegetables.  You decide how much you want to get envolved.

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Rooms, houses and ecocamping for your vacation in Portugal

Enjoy your rural holidays on our very special place, a traditional organic farm in the heart of a nature reserve for waterbirds with beautiful landscape, amazing sunsets and the spirit of the portugese way of life. We are just 3 km away from a beautiful beach called "Praia Verde" and there are just 10 km left to Spain. Our new project the ecocamping will be ready for campervans in March 2013 and we are looking forward to meet you there. Learn more about Quinta da Fornalha as your place to be for accommodation in Algarve.

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