what you can experience here

Fig, orange, olive, carob, almond, and many other trees grow here on our 35 ha farm land where continue to make progress in our aim for sustainability and regeneration. 

Taberna Remexida, the farm's restaurant, provides you with delicious local produce to experience. Everything comes from within a 5 km radius!

Enjoy your holiday at our farm!  With our traditional Portuguese guesthouses and our engaging farm land we aim to give you a peaceful, enjoyable, and transformative time. 

The produce from our land comes together to be transformed into products for you to enjoy. Jams, chutney, carrob butter, and many more goodies are waiting for you. 

about quinta da fornalha

Nestled between a natural reserve that is home to pink flamingos, the historic town of Castro Marim and the endless sandy beaches of the Algarve lies our active traditional farm, surrounded by 12 hectares of organic Mediterranean orchards with figs, oranges, olives and carob trees. With ecotourism, volunteering, and collaboration opportunities available all year round, we welcome you to visit, stay, or work with us!

how to find us

a celebration of hope

Our aim at Quinta da Fornalha is to engage all that live, work, stay at, and visit here to see that working with nature, not against her, is possible and especially necessary. Working like a beehive, this farm is continuously adapting and growing for the better; each network helping the other to create positive change and spread the celebration of hope for the future. To say it is easy is a strong understatement, but there are many rewards for trying. Come see for yourself, whether as a guest in one of our eleven guesthouses, a volunteer, a collaborator, or even as a passerby. 

Read more about our vision and commitment to responsible tourism.

a multibusiness approach

As a way to reinvent itself, the Quinta decided to implement a holistic and multi-faceted business plan, making the most of the privileged location, the property’s dimension, and the human, economic, climatic and environmental resources that live within the Quinta. With a goal in mind to create a sustainable eden, we aim to preserve the knowledge of the past and cultivate a healthy farm for the next generation.


The way the Quinta manages this is by dividing the farm into four main networks:  the farming production, which includes the fig harvest, the ecotourism business, the restaurant Taberna Remexida, and farm shop

a little history about the farm

Quinta da Fornalha started in 2008, with the property being in the family for 250 years. Quinta da Fornalha's name comes from its status as a farm, a "quinta", and its ancient stone oven, the "fornalha", where lime stone was made. The farm's organic certification was issued in 2010 and was one of the first farms to have this status in the region. The farm's buildings, guesthouses, and farm land have been gradually renovated and rejuvenated to fit its aim to attract more people to connect back with nature and regenerative farming.