learning program

learning while working

Depending of the season we can receive from 1 to 8 volunteers at our volunteer house - a wooden cottage by the pool with two main rooms accommodating 4 each. We prefer volunteers to stay longer than 2 weeks and up to 6 months (longer stays are normally re-assessed after 1 month, just to check if host & volunteer feel right about it). Different proposals can be considered. Volunteers are invited to enjoy and use all farm facilities, pool, tavern, library, pond & pond deck within leisure hours. 

Nowadays, the farm has 11 workers divided in 3 main areas:


A) Agriculture - with 2 ha of adult fig trees (400), 2 ha of baby figs trees, 6 ha of baby orange trees, 2 ha of centenary olive trees, 9 ha of carob trees, 5 ha of marshlands where we extract sea salt traditionally (hand harvested) and Flor de Sal (the salt flower), 1 ha of almond trees.


B) Production & transformation: transforming prime-mater into bio/gourmet products like jams, aromatic olive oil, fig truffles, dried figs, etc.

C) Eco-Tourism - managing the self-sufficiency areas: vegetable gardens, cleaning communal spaces, cleaning/refurbishing houses

our work ethic

For fig & salt crop we usually work with local people, mostly old skilled workers that teach us traditional agriculture secrets that you can learn as well. We do not follow any particular agricultural “dogma” since we combine several experiences & knowledge bodies within creativity and adaptation. We promote that all our volunteers, pass by our different areas whenever possible, being the farm cycle & rhythm the main structural force of work. We search for people with good vibes, positive working & cohabitation habits, responsibility, humor and creative minds. We allow everyone to express themselves into work as long as its useful & articulated with the farm.


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what to expect

We expect 6 h/day of work 6 days/week for lodgement and food (all produce from the farm plus weekly delivery from shopping lists made by volunteers themselves).

internship program

Would you like to learn at Quinta da Fornalha during your internship period? We have hosted many interns in the past and would love to connect with interns who are motivated, eager, and can contribute to the farm. Please send a motivational letter to volunteer@quinta-dafornalha.com

send us an email 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested. Send us an email with the reasons why you would like to join and what projects you would like to work on, implement, or join in on. You are also more than welcome to pass by whenever you like!

Email address: volunteer@quinta-dafornalha.com


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 How to get here:

We are located in the southeastern part of the Algarve, in Castro Marim, 3 km from the beach, 10 km away from the Spanish border. The easiest way to arrive is to use the Castro Marim train station (500 m from our main building and houses) that has direct connection to Faro and other towns in the Algarves.












A unique opportunity to spend time at and learn from an organic farm. 

experiences of our past volunteers

I spent a wonderful month at Quinta da Fornalha. Amazing nature, the farm is very well kept, and I had the opportunity to learn many different things. Everybody was very accommodating and loving, and I quickly felt at home. Great beaches and nice towns to explore close by, as well. I'd love to come back here!


volunteer from 2020

My first woofing experience, lovely place, lovely peope, I really hope to get back there some day. Such a wholesome experience.


volunteer from 2022

What to say about this amazing month I spent here… I actually felt like having a second home here in Algarve. The Quinta da Fornalha is a beautiful project as much as a fantastic playground for learning and experimenting in the field of ecological agriculture. But not only, I got the chance to learn about planting, pruning, irrigating, without in the garden and within, in my soul. I am so grateful for this experience and for the kindness and availability of the people I met and made my journey unique… I wish I would stay forever

volunteer from 2022