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Welcome to our store, where you can choose from several organic products, produced in the traditional way. Try our fig products, harvested from our fig trees twice a year. Our Fig Jam, a great option for breakfast and snacks, or our Fig Chutney, more bittersweet and a good tasty seasoning for any meal, or our Fig Truffles dipped in chocolate with almonds or dipped in chocolate and cocoa. Try our Original and unique Carob Spread, a Healthy Nutella. From our Extra Virgin Olive Oils Flavored with aromatic herbs harvested in our BIO gardens, to our Flor de Sal flavored with herbs and Flor de Sal and Artisanal Salt harvested with great dedication, considered the best Gourmet product, produced in Castro Marim.

Our Products BIO

Organic Olive Oil FRESH L

Organic Olive Oil Fresh

Organic Olive Oil MED S

Organic olive oil MED BIO

Organic Olive Oil MED L

Organic olive oil MED BIO

Organic Olive Oil SPICY S

Organic olive oil spicy BIO

Organic Olive Oil SPICY L

Organic olive oil spicy BIO

Fleur de sel with Piripiri

Flor de Sal with piri-piri (spicy).

Fleur de sel with Oregano

Fleur de sel with oregano.

Fleur de sel natural 800g

Fleur de sel BIO ECO Pack

Sea Salt 1Kg


Sea Salt 1Kg

Sea Salt 1kg ECO PACK


Sea Salt 500g


Sea Salt 500g

Sea Salt 500g ECO PACK


Fig Truffles Dark Chocolate & Cacao 800g

Fig Truffles Chocolate and Cacao BIO ECO pack

We have our store located next to the Castro Marim train station, 2km from Praia Verde, next to a small village called Sao Bartolomeu do Sul, COME VISIT US and discover our farm.

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