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Have you tried our organic fig jam? Or our incredible fig truffles with dark chocolate and almonds?  Are you searching for an alternative spread for breakfast? Try our original, unique carob & almond spread. We also sell extra virgin olive oil, blended with aromatic med herbs or not, dried figs, fig chutney & jams.

The fleur de sel or Portuguese named flor de sal we produce, is from our natural salt fields in a natural reserve for waterbirds in Castro Marim, Algarve. It is maybe one of the best sea salts you can get on this planet. This is gourmet, for sure!

Fig Truffles Dark Chocolate & Almond 250g

Fig Truffles with Dark Chocolate & Almond ECO Pack


Fig Truffles with Dark Chocolate & Almond Kg

Fig Truffles with Dark Chocolate & Almond ECO Pack


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Our guesthouses are open all year round and there is plenty to enjoy during every season; during summer, a quick and satisfying dive in our pool will freshen you up before your dinner at Taberna Remexida. Autumn will provide milder temperature and a quieter feeling in the region, which continues into winter. You can take advantage of the sunshine in winter while nature is in its natural resting state. During this time, the deliciously juicy oranges and olives hanging on the trees will be waiting for you. Spring will bring a surge of new life back before the summer season kicks in.

From October to March, we have long-stay rates that differ from high season rates.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more.

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 September till June
. Check-In: 15h00 until 19h00
. Check-Out: until 11h00

 July and August:
. Check-In: 16h00 until 20h00
. Check-Out: untill 12h00

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